Personal Training

As an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, I am able to provide clients with high personalized plans that are molded around their needs, and their current health and level of fitness. I do not believe in one size-fits-all plans and will work with clients to help them achieve their goals. I will never try to sell a client anything that I profit from (I will suggest certain things) and will not waste a client’s time or money in any way. I believe in getting clients on a personalized plan and then teaching them how to make positive lifestyle changes until they get to the point where they no longer need my services. I will never overwork a client or push them to a dangerous level. I truly want to help people and I promise that you will not regret hiring me.

Location: The Powerhouse gym in East Lansing, Michigan

Phone number: Can be requested via email

Email address:

Rate: Regular Powerhouse gym rates, inquire for further details.

Availability: Monday through Friday from 10AM-Close


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