Day Two

Diet- Despite what I said yesterday, 2500 calories is not as easy as I thought it would be. A 1500 calorie reduction will leave you quite hungry as I have unfortunately learned. But it is still better than force-feeding myself like I was on my bulking diet. Kept it easy today, had some granola bars, some soup, cereal, pasta, and some other stuff.

Morning run- Started way too gun-ho at first and quickly winded myself, I need to maintain a better pace going forward. Overall the run was fine but I could barely move during the middle portion of the run.

Exercise- Today I just did a thirty minute ab exercise at home, it was quite hard as abs was always an after-thought during my bulking program. I hope to get to the point where I can do 90 minute ab workouts, but that is a ways off.

Night run- Went on the bike instead tonight due to extreme tightness in my right calf, I forgot how tough Vibrams are on your calves when you haven’t worn them in awhile. Overall it was fine, did not go as intense as I would like to, but I’ll try harder tomorrow.

Overall- Today was not as good as yesterday since I was fairly tired due to working on this blog late last night and waking up early to job hunt, but I plan on getting to bed early tonight so I can go strong tomorrow.


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