Day Three

Sorry for the late post, I was very tired at the end of last night.

Diet- Due to needing to eat some things before they got bad I eat a little worse than usual. For breakfast I had a breakfast shake and a couple of bowls of whole-grain cereal with 1% milk. I skipped lunch and had a lunch/dinner combo of bacon eggs and toast, it was very delicious and I did not go over my calorie limit.

Morning run- I’m thinking that I may need to take a day off of running soon because my legs have essentially turned to jello. Despite the soreness in my legs, it was a good run and I didn’t over-exert myself like I did the previous morning.

Exercise- Today was chest, chest is my favorite workout and genuinely enjoy every lift that I do when my shoulders aren’t killing me. It was a great workout and I met or exceeded everything that I had done last week.

Night run- I skipped the night run tonight because my legs hurt so much and I have my legs workout tomorrow. By the end of next week my legs should be used to running five days a week.

Overall- Today was a great day and I have a lot of motivation to workout for the rest of the week.


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