Day One

Diet- Today was nice, 2500 calories is much less than I am used to. On my bulking program I was eating 4,000 clean calories a day, which was a struggle, so 2500 is quite the refreshing change of pace. I started my day with some whole grain oatmeal (with milk) and two granola dips bars. For lunch I had a plate of penne pasta with from meat sauce. I had my usual pre-workout, during-workout, and post-workout shakes for when I was lifting weights in the gym. For dinner I had some skinless boneless chicken for the protein.

Morning run- This went much better than expected. Since I injured my knee in October of 2011, I had not done more than a handful of cardiovascular exercises until today. I wore my Vibrams, as usual for my runs, and got a good workout in.

Weight-lifting- Today was arms, for the most part it went fairly well, but my biceps just died on me during my third (of three) biceps lifts. I did not adequately stretch before working out and I suspect it played a role in my uncharacteristic performance during my last biceps lift. I raised the bar for triceps lifts today and stayed static for forearms lifts, overall it was a good exercise.

Night run- It was during this run that I came up with the idea to put this plan on my blog and record my progress. It wasn’t too warm outside and it was dark which allowed me to immerse myself in my thoughts. I performed better in this run than I did in my morning run and thoroughly enjoyed the run.

Overall- Today went great for day one and I am excited to start day two tomorrow. I know this plan is going to get my body to where I want it to be so that I can start another bulking program in nine weeks, these next eight weeks couldn’t go by faster for me.


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