Reflection on Gould Article

In middle school, we often played against teams that were, physically, much smaller than our team. I played fullback on my team, so I loved to just plow through our opponents, but when we faced teams that were physically larger than we were, I would maybe lose a bit of confidence in my ability to […]

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Coach Leadership

Coach DeKoyer had two voices, loud and louder, I would bet money that the man was kicked out of a few libraries in his life. Now while Coach D was loud, he was not mean, if anything, he was kind of gentle. He was a living breathing dichotomy, he was a loud and brash football coach, but at […]

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Coaching Websites

1. – This is the main organization for football coaches, many division I football coaches belong to it so the quality of the information is quite high. 2. – This is my main place for football news as nothing relevant happens in the NFL without ESPN reporting it. 3. – This is a great website for finding drills to […]

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Reflections from class

One issue that I think was went over too quickly was safety in high school sports, in contact sports (specifically hockey and football) concussions are an epidemic. The majority of coaches do not know how to properly diagnose concussions, and there are many teams who are unable to afford qualified athletic trainers which leads to […]

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