Coaching Bio

As a kid, I was extremely uncoordinated, overweight, slow, and not athletic by any stretch of the imagination. As a result of my rather unfortunate physical abilities I only dabbled in sports and was often picked last in gym class. Though that all changed when I hit puberty in sixth grade. By seventh grade I was the strongest kid in my middle school, the third fastest, and I was actually fairly athletic and coordinated, so I played football.

I played football from seventh grade to eleventh grade, when I stopped playing football, because of my football coaches. I loved football because I could use my strength and speed to dominate my opponents, to this day I remain a brute strength over finesse kind of guy and football allowed me to get away with brute strength and physical ability. I also loved hitting people and just lighting kids up, not that I had a lot of pent-up anger or anything, but football let me get any negative feelings out of my system by abusing my opponents. If it wasn’t for my coaches in high school, I would have played football all the way through high school, but probably would not have played anywhere in college.

From a mental standpoint I was without peer, I knew where the play was going, knew my own playbook inside and out, and had killer instincts, but I was also a 5’11” inside linebacker/running back with a 4.7 second 40 yard dash. I had no future playing, but those who cannot do, teach. I love football more than anything else (family and friends excluded) and I know that if I get an opportunity I can go all the way to the top.

Ideally I would love to win a Superbowl as a head coach, but for now I think I’ll settle on just getting into the NFL in any type of capacity, I’ll even be a waterboy if need be. My very short term goal is to get involved with the MSU football team this semester.

There are a few coaches that have had a huge impact on me wanting to become a coach, the first group of coaches are my high school football coaches, and the second group of coaches are various coaches in the NFL and NCAA. My high school coaches were so bad that they made me lose interest in playing football and not love the game for a time. I will say that all of them weren’t bad, there were a few that were actually good, but the head coach and the offensive and defensive coordinators in my sophomore year were the biggest offenders. With the second group of coaches, I see them make tremendous decisions in the heat of battle, Sean Payton’s surprise onside kick in the Super Bowl comes to mind.  For what it’s worth, I had a phenomenal middle school coach in eighth grade that is everything a good coach should be, and everything that I strive to be.

Ryan Murray


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