How I Pick Supplements

¨With supplements there can be a lot of bullshit with products claiming that they can increase your muscle growth by 216%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No they can’t, not even close. So since supplement marketing is a COMPLETE crapshoot I rely on forums (I double check that posters aren’t obvious employees of the product that they’re talking about. I mainly use the forums at, what an incredible community that they have there) and science based reviews from, I read their reviews and check the science behind everything. I really tend to stay away from products that have 100 ingredients that are a part of their secret “proprietary blend” and go with products that are straight forward with a lot less ingredients. Now I’m sure not all proprietary blends are bad, but companies will rarely reveal how much of each ingredient is in their “proprietary blend” and their excuse for not providing the amount of each ingredient is to protect their “trade secrets.” I’m not sure about you guys but I don’t trust “trade secrets” and the supplements that I select reflect my position . I also am/will take everything supplement that I list and will provide a photo of all of the supplements together if anyone wants me to.

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