Animal Pak is the best for bulking, but because of the price I am going with Orange Triad. Both of these are multi-vitamins and Animal Pak is what most of the body builders use and it is expensive. While Orange Triad isn’t as good for bulking as Animal Pak is, it is still very good and has joint support and digestion/immune aid so it is the better all around multivitamin and cheaper. If cost is not an option then go for Animal Pak.

Price comparison: Orange Triad= $9.50/month, Animal Pak= $14.63/month.

Fish oil pills are great for cardiovascular health, in reducing your risk for cancer, and for overall health. With regards to bulking, fish oil is great for protein synthesis, but fish oil is just so good for overall health and the better your overall health is, the more effective this bulking plan will be.

Price: $2.59/month


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