Bulking Plan

Bulking has been proven to be the most effective way to gain significant muscle mass in short amounts of time, the issue is that it is hard to bulk without putting on fat as well. Body builders cycle from bulking phases (training) to cutting phases (right before a competition) but since none of us are body builders we can modify the diet so that we don’t put on the fat. While this diet will not enable you to gain muscle as quickly as body builders do, it will prevent you from having to do a cutting phase which is most unpleasant.

For example, Jay Cutler (the bodybuilder) goes from 310 lbs in the bulking phase to 274 lbs in the cutting phase. The cutting phase is a calorie-deficient diet while the bulking phase is a calorie-sufficient diet. With this diet, and accompanying workout plan, it is not crazy to put on 40 lbs of muscle in one year, with that said, it will not be easy. It will require intense dedication. But let’s be serious, how awesome will you look with an extra 40 lbs of muscle?


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