Day Four

Diet- Had a real big breakfast today, two servings of oatmeal, a bowl of whole wheat cereal, a breakfast shake, and two granola bars, it was quite good. Had my normal shakes for working out and did not eat dinner since I’m going to bed once I finish this post.

Morning run- Was nice and easy today, my cardio is starting to increase and my runs are becoming easier which means I just need to push myself harder to keep the intensity up.

Workout- Today was legs and lower back and I absolutely killed it today. I set a new personal record (PR) in every single lift today and for some lifts I completely shattered my previous PR. Now with that said my legs are completely jello at this point and I have a hard time walking normally without a limp/ change in my gait due to the soreness.

Night run- Did not do it due to my legs feeling like jello and I don’t even feel bad about it. I pushed myself so hard in the gym today that I can afford to take the night run off.

Overall- Today has been the best day of the week by far, everything went exceptionally well today and I’m hoping to carry today’s success into tomorrow and close out the first week of my new plan.


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