Day Five

Diet- Today was very similar to yesterday, I had a big breakfast and my normal shakes for working out. Later tonight I will be going to my cottage where I will probably enjoy a meal that will most likely be more fattening than I would like, but hey it’s at a cottage.

Runs- I did not go on any runs today due to the fact that I was barely able to get in and out of my bed due to extreme soreness from my leg workout the previous day.

Workout- I did shoulders today with a friend of mine, did some lifts that I normally do not do, but I had a great workout nonetheless. My workout was so good that I’m actually swapping out two lifts that I normally do for two lifts I did with my friend today.

Overall- Today (non-workout related) started out pretty horrible, but my day ended up doing a 180 and I topped it off with a great workout. On Sunday I will recap the week and preview what I will be doing in the upcoming week. Everyone have a great weekend and do something nice for your Fathers.


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