What do you think is the biggest ethical issue facing your sport?

Despite the Penn State scandal, I truly believe that anything and everything to do with concussions are the biggest ethical issue in football today. Football is obviously a naturally violent sport and due to the nature of the sport the incidence of head injuries is quite high. In the last couple years, startling research on concussions have found out that suffering multiple concussions in a life time can lead to things like depression, loss of memory, and CTE. The NFL, NCAA, and high school teams around the nation have been promoting concussion awareness and have put a heightened emphasis on the symptoms that one displays after suffering an concussion. Concussions are simply far to dangerous to be ignored, but unfortunately many players scoff at the idea of coming out of the game after they have possibly suffered an concussion. From players to hiding signs and symptoms to a coach deciding that a certain player is too valuable to leave a game, far too many players are playing through concussions which is incredibly dangerous. Concussions have become such a big factor in football lately that many of the new rule changes have been specifically designed to reduce the incidence of concussions to protect the players and to protect the league. Over 1000 former NFL players have recently sued the NFL over concussions as they claimed the NFL were aware of the devastating nature of concussions but failed to do anything to improve player safety. I believe that every single football coach, and all coaches for that matter, owe it to their players to be well-educated on concussions and to always make the safety of the players their number one priority.


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