Reflection on Gould Article

In middle school, we often played against teams that were, physically, much smaller than our team. I played fullback on my team, so I loved to just plow through our opponents, but when we faced teams that were physically larger than we were, I would maybe lose a bit of confidence in my ability to run through my opponents. My perception of my environmental demand would be hesitant at best, and a little scared at worst, which obviously affected my ability to run the ball. Usually, for my first few runs, I would go down with little contact, but after a few carries I would usually overcome my fear and just get angry at my opponents. Once I was angry, I would then try to punish the defender for attempting to tackle me, and I would run with the power that I was known for, but I was always a little scared at first.

I found this research to not be very true of my own youth experience because my perception was generally amorphous throughout a game. I would go through the four stages, almost to a tee, but I would cycle through them a couple times as my confidence was something that always grew throughout the game, so my perception of my environment, and my subsequent responses were constantly changing.


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