Coach Leadership

Coach DeKoyer had two voices, loud and louder, I would bet money that the man was kicked out of a few libraries in his life. Now while Coach D was loud, he was not mean, if anything, he was kind of gentle. He was a living breathing dichotomy, he was a loud and brash football coach, but at the same time he made such an effort to connect with every single one of his players. He kept up on our grades, how we were feeling, and whether or not any of us had anything serious going on, he was someone we could always go to, someone we could count on. His expectations for us were very high, but he knew that we were young, had so much room to grow, and he was a great teacher who helped facilitate our growth through positive reinforcement. While he was always barking at us, he was never angry, he was incredibly intense, but never angry, and I think that helped us grow as a team. Coach DeKoyer made us believe that we could win at all, he made us believe in ourselves, and he made us believe in the team. The atmosphere that he created was incredible, we were a very tight team who played our hearts out to not let Coach D, or the team down by not giving enough effort.  He was an incredibly effective leader as he led us through an undefeated season that ended with us being the conference champions, winning the championship game against our arch-rivals who we shared a field with, but more importantly, he was a great teacher who made me believe in myself.


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