Reflections from class

One issue that I think was went over too quickly was safety in high school sports, in contact sports (specifically hockey and football) concussions are an epidemic. The majority of coaches do not know how to properly diagnose concussions, and there are many teams who are unable to afford qualified athletic trainers which leads to many athletes “playing through” concussions, so I think that it is vital for a coach to be knowledgeable about injuries and their behavior should reflect that. One thing that I loved in class today was when we talked about a coach making an athlete learn to love the game, I had never thought about it before, but that may be the single most important thing a coach can teach an athlete, for if you have a love the game, I think things have a way of falling into place. If the coach truly loves the game, I believe the athletes will in turn learn to love the game which will create an optimal environment for the team and the athletes, as individuals, to succeed. Coaches should be a student of the game, a true motivator, a fierce competitor, a compassionate and understanding leader, but most of all, a coach needs to be a teacher. Exemplary coaches tend to have exemplary athletes, because they pass their qualities onto those who look up to them.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle


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